Ntomapa Secrets

Ntomapa is your number one online and retail store for amazing unique fabrics for individuals, fashion designers, seamstresses, tailors and wholesalers alike.

Some of the questions we get asked are, who can sew for us? Who can do a great job overnight? Who can work with beaded lace or sequined lace? Which fabric is best for this style? What style can I sew with this fabric? Where can I get good ready to wear clothes? And the list goes on.. So to answer all these questions and many more that may come up, we bring you… Ntomapa’s Secrets.

Home of Fashion and Fabric!

During this lovely journey, we will be:

  • Speaking to clients about their designers 
  • Discussing different types of fabrics and their individual uses or styles they are approriate for.
  • Bringing you inspiration for different types of fabrics
  • Bringing you a list of every tailor and seamstress worth trying in Accra.
  • Publishing new and upcoming fashion trends and fabric designs for each season.
  • Featuring Ghanaian designers both up and coming and established.
  • Celebrating fashion in our culture and the display of color and texture.

Posts will not always follow the same format. But we promise to be informative and fun and always worth reading.



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