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Barbs and her designer at Labadi

Let's meet Barbara one of our dear customers as she shares detail about her designer and some other stuff.


Ntomapa: Tell us a bit about yourself

Barbara: My name is Barbara duh! I have a thing for fashion and style (by the way check out my fashion business page @printsbyraby on instagram ). This is why I look for the best designer to make my outfits and trust I have got that!!

  Fabric from ntomapa sewn by Golden Threads


Ntomapa: How did you find your designer and how long ago was that?

Barbara: A cousin of mine hooked me up about 9 years ago


Ntomapa: Please share her details....

Barbara: So her name is Pat and her business name is Golden Threads. She is located at Labadi. She does not have a social media handle yet.


Ntomapa: How much does she charge?

Barbara: Her charges range from 70-200 ghc depending on what you want to sew and the type of fabric used. 


Fabric from Ntomapa sewn by Golden Trends


Ntomapa: What is your favorite outfit from her?

Barbara: OOO a really lovely jumpsuit! Unfortunately I don’t have a picture :(


Ntomapa: How long does she take to sew?

Barbara: Generally about 3-5 days


Ntomapa: What do you really like about her?

Barbara: The fact that she almost never disappoints



Trousers material from Ntomapa, sewn by Golden Threads


Ntomapa: What don’t you like about her?

Barbara: The fact that she does not give me more discount lol


Ntomapa: So if you had to rate her 1 out of 10, what will be her rating?

Barbara: 9.5…. the .5 for the very very few times she disappointed..


Ntomapa: Have you ever used any other designer?

Barbara: Ummmmm….. o yea Modabertha for my graduation dress.

 The graduation dress


Ntomapa: Why her and not your 9.5 designer? And how did it go?

Barbara: She was ok. She makes really nice outfits but above my I used her because my seamstress has not sewn anything with kente for me and I didn’t want to take any chances, maybe later.


Ntomapa: Any fashion advice for us?

Barbara: Yea, step out of your comfort zone. Try something new always and don’t be boring.


Ntomapa: Great advice! But when did you do that?.... 

Barbara: Please, don’t bring yourself. You said advice take it or leave it. Lol… don’t come and stress me.

Trousers material from Ntomapa sewn by Golden Threads.


Ntomapa: loool…Ok Barbara thank you so much for sharing. O by the way any discount for us at printsbyraby?

Barbara: You are always welcome and of course Ntomapa peeps get a discount. See me in chambers.


We definitely will.


Ok guys, did we miss out on any information you would have liked us to ask? Or any information you will like to add?


Let us know in the comment section. We will love to get your feedback.


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